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Apr 26 2008

Why you need an Amex Card.

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amex logo 1 300x195 Why you need an Amex Card.

#1. All their cards have all the rewards and benefits that Visa and Mastercard provide, whether it’s 1% cash back or airplane mileage.

#2. If you buy something, below $300, and the merchant refuses to refund your money, Amex will pay you for it; however, you can only redeem up to $1000 a year doing this.

#3. If you buy something with a warranty Amex will match that warranty, up to a one full year.

#4. Most cards have travel insurance. In case you get sick or die, while traveling, Amex will  pay the covered person up to 1.5 million for their loss. It depends on what type of card you have. In case of “loss of  one hand and one foot” the coverage is between 50,000 to 1,500,000.

#5. When you rent a car with a qualifying Amex card, you’ll be covered under their Car Retnal Loss and Damage Insurance Plan. So you don’t need to buy insurance from the car renter!

#6. Don’t be scared to lose your bags when you travel, because Amex has Baggage Insurance. Eligible members are allowed to claim $500 for checked bags, and $1250 for carry-on baggage.

The thing you have to realize about all these benefits is that you have to use your Amex card! So you can’t rent a car with a Visa and expect Amex will pay for it.


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