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Feb 21 2008

Meet Edison Chen. The Paris Hilton of the East.

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I’m sure all of you guys have heard of Paris Hilton’s sex scandal, but that’s pure flattery compared to what this guy, Edison Chen, has done.

So you haven’t heard of Edison Chen? You’re in the minority! Chen is only one of the most famous Chinese Actors in this decade.

2 Meet Edison Chen. The Paris Hilton of the East.

Wait what’s the big deal about him? Well he’s been in several Chinese blockbuster movies in the past few years such as Initial D and Dog bite Dog. Even if you don’t know his name odds are more than 1.3 billion people in the world do! He was definitely a role model for China: He has done many ads for prestigious companies such as Manhattan Platinum credit card. Chen really had a career going; only at age 27, he could have been in the entertainment industry for 30+ more years! He is even his own CEO of this company Clot Media Division Limited. So pretty much, he had his sails set to the land of “Make-A-Lot Of Money”.

We get it, he’s a big A-list Star in China, whats the controversy? Oh, only that while having sex with 7+ female celebrities, he took pictures and videos. Among the list of actors he slept with is Maggie Q. Most of you know her as the Asian chick, who played in the new Die Hard Movie. Over the years, Chen amassed over 1.6k nude photos on his laptop of various female celebrities; he really had enough to start his own adult store. Hewould have been fine if nobody knew about it…. BUT last month-January- he took his laptop into a private computer shop to get it serviced. Unfortunately, for him his photos and videos were taken from his computer and some of them placed on the internet. If you’re dumb enough to have incriminating pictures on your computer and have it serviced by strangers, then you deserve whats coming!

1 Meet Edison Chen. The Paris Hilton of the East.

3 Meet Edison Chen. The Paris Hilton of the East.

Conclusion: Rumors have it that the Triads are trying to kill Chen for spoiling the entertainment business’s image: Triads own most of the entertainment industry in Hong Kong. After this scandal started Edison moved to Canada, where he is from, to hide from the media and maybe from being killed. Yesterday, 02/21/08, Chen did a press conference which confirmed that he is leaving the Hong Kong entertainment industry indefinitely. As a result, he is losing hundreds of endorsements and movie deals, which means no $ :’(. His choice was the right one, because there would be no way the Chinese would accept him after what he has done. This is definitely one of the biggest scandal in the Asian entertainment of this century: Not only has he ruined his own career but the careers of several other female celebrities.

4 Meet Edison Chen. The Paris Hilton of the East.


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